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Create images from CAD drawings
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Create images from CAD drawings (.DWG, .DXF or .PLT file formats) and reveal a stronger degree of expression with illustrations that appear to be hand-drawn. Squiggle reads each file and allows the user to vary the width and color of as many as 255 pens and then to apply an unlimited number of hand-drawn styles to each line. Users can choose from seven preset styles that range from carefully sketched with a drafting pen to scribbled on the back of a napkin. Each line is Squiggled independently and results are not predictable--just like the human hand! Squiggle even lets you combine different Squiggle styles in one image. Squiggled drawings can be sent to any Windows system printer or exported as a bitmap file (.BMP, .TIF, .JPEG or .GIF) for import into other applications. Squiggle works with: AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoSketch, ALLPLAN, CADkey, DataCAD, DesignCAD, Drawbase, DynaCADD, EasyCAD, MicroStation, TurboCAD, or any CAD, drawing, or graphics application that outputs HPGL/2, .DWG or .DXF files.

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